Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog

Scooter is a Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He loves to get his picture taken, so this site is devoted to showing off some of his best pictures while providing some tips on raising a Cocker Spaniel puppy of your own!

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It was a nice afternoon outside. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. While dinner was being cleaned up, a paper towel roll was the last item remaining on the table outside. Wind came and knocked the roll of paper towels on to the deck. Then, allegedly one cocker spaniel decided to make a mess. Who could have done this????

paper towel roll eaten by cocker spaniel

Exhibit A: A picture of both boys observing the evidence after we walked outside to see what happened.

paper towel cocker spaniels

Exhibit B: The mess was scattered all over the deck.

cocker spaniels are the best

Exhibit C: The mess made it down to the grass.

cocker spaniels get busted

Exhibit D: Scooter is getting awfully close to the evidence. He wouldn't be trying to tamper with evidence would he?

Scroll down for the answer to the mystery!!

cocker spaniel gets busted with paper towel chewing

Exhibit E: BUSTED!

Notice the evidence hanging out of Scooter's mouth! Can you believe it!? Scooter made the mess while Boomer was off in another part of the yard. Eyewitness reports have Boomer over in the right part of the yard while the crime was being committed. The punishment: 10 smooches on those chubby cocker spaniel cheeks!

cocker spaniels get busted

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