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I took a picture of my most recent order from Snapfish.
Click on the image to look at a higher resolution
photo and you can see that these pictures look great!

These are my Carnival Cruise pictures and
look how clear that Miami water is!

develop your cocker spaniel pictures with snapfish

I get all of Scooter's digital
cocker spaniel pictures developed with Snapfish

If you are familiar with my website you will see that I take a lot of digital photographs of my cocker spaniel puppy. I routinely fill my 512MB memory card and I carry an additional 32MB memory card for emergencies!

It is easy to take tons of pictures, but what do you do with them all? In the 'old days' you were forced to get your film developed, but now there is no need for film and the digital pictures can pile up without ever being developed and stored in photo albums.

Over the past few months, I have had my cocker spaniel pictures developed with a few online film developing companies. Without mentioning names, I was quickly disappointed with them. In a few cases, the pictures that were sent to me would look drastically different from the original digital image. Reds would look orange and blues would look green. In addition to distorted images, sometimes they would even take up to two weeks to be delivered!

One day my friend told me to try Snapfish. I was hesitant on sending my pictures to yet another online film developing company, but I really had nothing to lose because I find it way too inconvenient to get my pictures developed at a retail store. I signed up for Snapfish and I am the happiest customer they probably have ever had!

Snapfish has solved all of my problems. I can store every picture I take on the Snapfish website, I can share all of my pictures with my friends and family, and I can get outstanding quality prints delivered to my front door fast!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about how to get your digital
cocker spaniel pictures developed with Snapfish

If you have never used an online picture developing company like Snapfish, don't worry, it is very easy to do. Let me describe the process:

1. The first thing you will do is upload your photos to Snapfish. Snapfish provides you with many ways to submit your pictures to them:

  1. You can chose to download easy-to-use Snapfish software, which allows you to dump all of your pictures into their program for immediate upload to their website.

  2. You can also upload each picture, one at a time, directly to their website.

  3. You can even email your photos to Snapfish.

  4. You can snail mail (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) your photos on a CD to Snapfish.

2. Once your photos are uploaded to the Snapfish website, you will have the option to modify the pictures. You can add borders, crop out unwanted background items, lighten dark images, remove red eye, and much more. All of this can be done directly through Snapfish's secure website, you do not need to mess with expensive and difficult to use photo editing software. Of course, if you are happy with your photos, you can skip this step altogether!

When your pictures are uploaded to the Snapfish website, you will then have the option to share your photos with friends and family. All you have to do is select which photos you wish to share, and enter the email addresses of family and friends. Snapfish will send an email to your friends and family, providing easy one-click instructions on how to view your pictures. Your friends and family will be able to look at the pictures you have selected and even save them to their computer! They even have the option to purchase their favorite pictures! The good thing about this is that it allows you to share a lot of your photos without having to send those huge files to other peoples' inboxes! No one likes having his or her inbox clogged with huge picture files. Another good thing is that it's easy and free!

3. Finally, you will select which kind of print sizes you would like to order. You can order wallet sized, 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", or poster prints of any photo in your account. Your prints will be made with Kodak paper-glossy, matte, or Kodak Royal.

A really cool thing you can do with Snapfish is get your pictures printed on all sorts of things, such as:

  1. T-Shirts

  2. Coffee Mugs

  3. Baseballs

  4. Aprons

  5. Beer Mugs

  1. Mouse Pads

  2. Coasters

  3. Puzzles

  4. Dog Leashes and Collars

  5. Ornaments

  1. Playing Cards

  2. Dog Bowls

  3. Stickers

  4. Notebooks and Memo Pads

  5. Holiday Cards

With Snapfish, the possibilities are endless!

I pay $0.19 per print when I order with Snapfish. There are other companies out there where you can get a lower price then $0.19. However, the quality of the print is low. A low quality print has messed up colors, reds will look orange, and blues will look green. This DOES NOT happen with Snapfish. My cocker spaniel pictures that have been developed with Snapfish are of outstanding quality and well worth the additional penny or two more you will pay by using Snapfish. The shipping and handling is minimal and Snapfish works fast! I had my photos sent to me in well under a week! I find this much more convenient then waiting in long lines at your local retail store.

Sign up for Snapfish by clicking on the green links on this webpage (above and below). Just for giving it a try, Snapfish will give you 20 free prints!

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