Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog

Scooter is a Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He loves to get his picture taken, so this site is devoted to showing off some of his best pictures while providing some tips on raising a Cocker Spaniel puppy of your own!

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Feb 2011

Ok, so I'm tired and Scooter does not always cooperate when its time for his haircut. I decided to throw in the towel and have the mobile grooming van come and take care of him! Take a look:

the before picture

I let Scooter's hair get nice and long during the winter since he gets so cold. Here is the "before" picture!

mobile dog grooming in maryland

Here is a picture of the mobile grooming van in my driveway. The groomer told me that the van holds 100 gallons of water. The van also has a grooming table and full electricity! How cool!

mobile pet grooming for scooter

Wow! Scooter looks great! All clean, smelling good and ready for spring. The package that I selected included teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bath and haircut. The total was $75, which is really steep, but it sure was nice not having to drive Scooter to the groomer myself!

boomer gets a haircut

I decided to still groom Boomer myself. He is really easy to groom and stands still like a good little boy during his grooming session. The same can't be said for Scooter! I showed the groomer Boomer so she could see how I like the boys groomed. The groomer said I did a great job! I think Boomer looks good too!

Take a look inside the boys personal "romper room;" where they sleep and relax during the work days.

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