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If so, why not buy Scooter
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all of his hard work!?!!!

Pictures of Scooter and his new toys!

Many people don't realize just how hard it is to be in the public's eye for the majority of your life. Endless photo shoots, paparazzi, and fan e-mails; it's an exhausting lifestyle. Imagine being a 2 year old cocker spaniel puppy who constantly has his picture taken and his entire life recorded on the internet. Scooter makes a lot of sacrifices to keep this website running and if you enjoy this site then perhaps you would be interested in buying the little guy a new toy?

Here's how this works: If you wish to make a small donation click on the link to the right, I will receive payment and I will order a toy in your name for Scooter. In addition, I will take a picture of Scooter enjoying your toy and post it on for the world to see!

You will have complete control of what type of toy and exactly what I post on the web. You can choose to remain anonymous, or give your name and location... it's all up to you!

You will have three choices:

  1. Specify which toy you wish to buy for Scooter through Drs. Foster and Smith or another online pet supplier and I will do my best to purchase it with the donation you have made. Keep in mind that Drs. Foster and Smith has a flat shipping rate of $8.99, so even if the toy is $5.99, the shipping is $8.99, adding up to $14.98. Round up to be safe!!
  2. Simply donate any amount you wish and I will choose which toy to buy for the little guy (since I do know him best!).
  3. If you don't wish to buy a toy you can help keep the website up and running by donating any amount you like to help pay for domain name registration, web hosting services, and camera supplies, which are all essential for this website's success.

After payment, your e-mail to John at should say something like this:

Hi John, I would like to buy Scooter a Long Leg Rope Toy from Drs. Foster and Smith. I really think the pink flamingo would be perfect for Scooter. The product ID is 9N-19696 and it is $6.99. I have made a payment for $16 to cover the shipping. Please take a photo of Scooter enjoying the toy and post on the site that it is from Jill in Wisconsin. Take care!


Hi John, We really love the website. I understand that it cost's quite a bit to keep a popular website running so I would like to donate $5 to help you guys out! Keep up the good work!

Disclaimer: If you do not give enough for a specific toy, then you will be defaulted to choice 3. Here's an example: If you see a toy that costs $7.99 on Drs. Foster and Smith, the please round up to $16 or $18. This way your shipping and handling will be included. If you do not round up, then I will either go to a pet store and purchase whatever I can find for $7.99 or just put the $7.99 towards paying for the website. Whatever the situation, the website and/or Scooter will benefit. And of course to clarify any legal issues here, I retain the right to decide what to do with any amount donated, regardless of what you choose. You have to take for granted that I am a decent cocker spaniel owner and will actually follow through with this!!

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