Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Scooter is a Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He loves to get his picture taken, so this site is devoted to showing off some of his best pictures while providing some tips on raising a Cocker Spaniel puppy of your own!

If you like the photos or the site, please email and let us know....

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Featured Cocker Spaniel Pictures


A cocker spaniel enjoying his birthdayr!

It looks like Simba wasted no time getting to that birthday cake!!!!!

A cocker spaniel happy new year!

Scooter wishes everyone a healthy and happy New Year!


A holiday photo of a cocker spaniel

Maggie and Annie are ready for the Holidays!!!


Roger the cocker spaniel from northern virginia cocker spaniel rescue

This picture was sent in from Arlington, VA.
This is Roger who was a rescue from Northern
Virginia Cocker Spaniel Rescue! What a handsome guy!


Scooter the cocker spaniel puppy's new duck ducky robet

Scooter needed a bath after his long
Thanksgiving weekend. What better way
to dry off than with his new 'ducky robe'!!?!


a cocker spaniel puppy from San Fransisco!!

Check out this cutie from San Ramon, CA. His name is Oliver.
I have a feeling that Scooter and Oliver
could cause a lot of trouble if left alone together!!!


a cocker spaniel puppy sleeping!!

This is one tired puppy.


a cocker spaniel being attacked by a huge lobster!!

Nico needs help fast.
He's being attacked by a lobster!!!


a cocker spaniel vacationing at the grand canyon!

This is a picture of Bailey on her vacation to the Grand Canyon.
What a beautiful picture!!!


a cocker spaniel puppy in a dishwasher!

Samantha loves to help out doing the dishes.
Unfortunately she tires out pretty quickly!!!


a very muddy cocker spaniel puppy

"I wasn't digging in any muddy holes"


a cute cocker spaniel puppy named yuki

This little lady is so cute that she
makes the front page! Her name is
Yuki and she lives in Utah. Cute picture!


a cool dog picture of rose hanging out of car!

This is an awesome picture of Rose who lives in New York!
Jack says she just loves riding in the
PT cruiser with her "doggles" on!!! Rose is a 9 year old Airedale.


a picture of a mismarked cocker spaniel puppy in the fridge!

This is a picture of Mishka, a black and white parti
colored cocker spaniel checking out the fridge.
Isn't her coloring amazing!?!


a picture of a cocker spaniel puppy playing tug

I wonder who is going
to win this game of tug?!?!


a picture of a cocker spaniel puppy on his birthday

The birthday boy!

Scooter turned one year old
on July 7th!


This cocker spaniel just recieved her certificate for canine good citizen

This is Scooter's friend Allie who lives in Florida.
Allie is one smart cocker spaniel, she just completed the American Kennel Club's
Canine Good Citizen Program! Congratulations Allie!


This cocker spaniel puppy loves to play in the field

A few weeks ago we took Scooter to a big park nearby. We found this big open field and
Monica and I took turns running him all around it.
I just love how little Scooter looks in this picture!


This cocker spaniel puppy loves to swim in the pool

Summer's here and Scooter took advantage of the great weather by lounging around the pool.
Scooter is still afraid of getting in the pool, but I have a feeling that will change soon!


This cocker spaniel puppy loves scooters website

This picture was sent to me from Michigan. Little Daisy here loves to surf the web and guess what website is her favorite??? Yup, Scooters!!!!


This cocker spaniel puppy spends most of his time in a tree

Scooter enjoyed the beautiful spring afternoon by learning how to climb a tree!

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