Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog

Scooter is a Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He loves to get his picture taken, so this site is devoted to showing off some of his best pictures while providing some tips on raising a Cocker Spaniel puppy of your own!

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Looking After Your Small Dog: Useful Advice

A guest post by Dave Punb:

As cute and adorable as small dogs are, they can also be a bundle of trouble. A little research into the temperament and health traits of different breeds before buying a pet is a good idea to ensure the dog and owner are compatible. It’s also important to know how to look after a smaller dog. Here’s a quick guide on what to bear in mind when bringing home a new puppy or adolescent small dog.

Healthy Eating

Tiny and Toy breeds don’t necessarily eat fewer meals than larger dogs, but they do have smaller stomachs and should certainly eat less to avoid obesity. Medical problems related to being overweight include digestive upsets and poor skin condition. Choosing specially prepared quality food and limiting treats is the best way to handle small dog cuisine. Picking food specifically intended for smaller breeds of dogs will provide the correct amount of nutrients and will also help control their weight.

Regular Exercise

Keeping a small dog suits life in the city, as smaller dogs don’t need the same amount of exercise as larger breeds. This doesn’t mean none at all, however, and establishing a good exercise routine that suits both owner and pet will bring benefits to both. The tendency to carry small dogs everywhere should be resisted, as it can make canines demanding and petulant. Instead, allowing them to walk gets rid of some of their nervous energy, so that they are less likely to be stressed or yappy. Remember that playtime is exercise too, so invest in enough toys to stop your pet from becoming bored.

Damage Limitation

It’s hard to imagine a tiny dog causing damage to the home, but statistics show that Chihuahuas and the Daschunds are among the more destructive breeds. Of course, puppies and adolescent dogs need to chew to help develop strong teeth and gums, so it pays to always keep attractive chewing items at hand, while actively redirecting puppies away from the harmful chewing of precious soft furnishings or favorite slippers.


Undoubtedly, some breeds need a lot of loving care and focused attention to keep them comfortable and looking as good as they can be. The Japanese Chin or Spaniel, for example, has a luxurious coat that requires regular grooming. On the other hand, the hairless, smooth body of the Chinese crested dog needs to be kept warm, while its skin will benefit from the application of sunscreen when taken outdoors. Keeping small dogs such as Cocker Spaniels regularly groomed requires a lot of patience at first, but once the grooming can be done effortlessly at home through frequent practice instead of at an expensive salon, it will undoubtedly pay off.

Obedience Training

One of the best things about most small breeds is that they are easy to train. Most are only too happy to be guided by their owner, positively enjoying the rewards that come with the right response. Remember that bad tempered small dogs are usually those that didn’t receive the right kind of training in the first place. Harness the small dog’s energy, aim it in the right direction, and owners can’t go wrong.

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