Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog

Pictures of Klad cockers puppies! and Klad Cockers in Alberta, Canada have teamed up to show you pictures of Klad's current litter!
I'll be keeping tabs on the puppies as they grow up and I'll post puppy pictures!

Bilbo, now nicknamed Billy, at 6 months old. Wow! Look how this little guy is growing up.
This picture was taken after he took a mid winter jump into the hot tub!

cocker spaniel puppies from canada love to swim!

Two more Bilbo pictures -- 2 months old!

a cute cocker spaniel puppy

a cute cocker spaniel puppy

Two more Bilbo pictures at 6 weeks of age. How time flies!!!!

a cute cocker spaniel puppy

a cute cocker spaniel puppy trying to climb up the stairs

4 week old Bilbo lounging in the grass!!

Bilbo at 13 days old. What a handsome youngster!

This puppy's name is Bilbo and here he is at one week old!

The babies came late at night on August 20, 2005. Here are pictures of one day old cocker spaniel puppies!!

two black and tan cocker spaniel puppies at one day old two black and tan cocker spaniel pups on day one of life

The Dad


hunter the cocker spaniel

The Mom


keeley, the mommy of the new cocker spaniel litter

August 1, 2005

a cocker spaniel belly full of puppies!

Keeley's belly is getting bigger! The expected due date is August 20, 2005.

July 21, 2005

Ultrasound of Keeley's belly shows 2 different puppies!

an ultrasound of 2 cocker spaniel puppies

The white blob inside of the dark circular area is a puppy!

Please be aware that all puppies from this litter
are currently spoken for and are not
available to the general public.

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