Scooter, the Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Scooter is a Red and White Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He loves to get his picture taken, so this site is devoted to showing off some of his best pictures while providing some tips on raising a Cocker Spaniel puppy of your own!

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So You Want a Cocker Spaniel Puppy in a City?

Here are some suggestions:

Potty Training can be a disaster if you aren't prepared to work your tail off. If you and your Cocker Spaniel live in an apartment you will not have the luxury of placing your puppy outside, while you return to the warmth of your house. Yes, you will be standing in the rain, sleet and snow just begging your Cocker Spaniel to go potty! And let me tell you, it can be quite aggravating when your hot dinner is ready and you have to do a quick lap around the block because you’re afraid your Cocker puppy is ready to do a #1 on your rented carpet.

Luckily for us, we purchased Scooter at the age of 5 months, so we only had a few weeks of puppy bladder control issues. He seemed to learn to hold it rather quickly! Click here for more tips on Cocker potty training.

Clean Up!!!!!! Yes, this means you! Your puppy's poo is not cute to anyone other than yourself… and maybe that’s stretching it. Pet waste transmits disease and I think that big cities are filled with enough of that! It isn’t too difficult to pick up your pet’s waste, so don't be lazy. Our apartment complex provides a Clean Up station out front. It contains small trash bags and a trashcan for disposal. If you’re residence does not provide something like this, you may become shocked to realize how many plastic grocery bags you will go through in one day!

Some up and coming city dog owners will not realize just how aggravating it can be when your Cocker puppy wants to go outside 6 or 7 or even more times per day. Remember, every time they want to go outside, you will have to put shoes on, grab keys, maybe a jacket, lock the door behind you, get in the elevator, and walk outside. You must be very dedicated to your pet for this to work out well!!! Luckily for us, we live in a first floor apartment, so its very easy to run Scooter outside in an old pair of flip-flops. Check out Scooter's daily schedule to see if you could provide this type of attention to your city dog.

Beware: An Apartment dog can easily be a fat dog!

Just because it's such a hassle to take your Cocker outside, please realize that you still must provide a lot of exercise. Here are some of our methods for Cocker Spaniel exercise:

  • Take Long Walks
  • Dog Parks
  • My Parents House
  • Inside game of fetch

Let us discuss each in further detail:

Long Walks

Walking your dog daily is crucial to both your health and your puppy's health. Monica and I usually take Scooter for a 45 minute - 1 hour walk after we eat dinner. Rather than a collar around the neck, we use a harness attached to a 15 or so foot retractable leash. This way if Scooter gets too close to something and we need to move him away, we don’t rip his neck off. The retractable leash is only used when we are in a large area away from crowded streets.

Another crucial point to mention is that you must be very careful with a puppy in the city. Puppies tend to put everything in their mouths; this includes the various items you will find on a city street. Here are some lovely things we find on Baltimore City Streets:

city cocker spaniels can get hurtThe point of this list is just to remind you that you must be very alert when you are walking a dog in the city. Some horrible things can happen if you are careless.

Dog Parks

Dog Parks are fenced in areas where dog owners can take their pets and allow then to run ‘off leash’. Usually dog parks are divided into separate Big dog and Little dog areas. A 6 month old puppy should never be allowed in the Big dog area. We learned this first hand. One day the Little dog area had no dogs in it. Scooter was bored out of his mind. Since he is used to hanging around his Aunt Lexi and Uncle Cody, we thought that he may be alright trying out the Big dog area. We were wrong! Most large dogs do not have the mild tempers that Cody and Lexi have. Lets just say we got Scooter out of there before he turned into some big mutt's dinner. If your local dog park has a small dog section, it may be worth checking out. The thing to remember is that not all pet owners are responsible. You must watch out for your Cocker Spaniel!!

My Parents House

My parents house is only about 25 minutes away from Baltimore. This is one of the main reasons we knew we could handle having a dog in the city. Worse case we knew we could go there if we have a problem! Scooter loves to visit his ‘grandparents’ and especially Cody and Lexi, the two Yellow Labradors with outstanding temperaments. Having my parents this close is like having a safe and free dog park accessible at any time. Summer time is going to be so much fun, just as long as Scooter likes to swim!!!! There is a wonderful swimming pool right in the backyard!

picture of cocker spaniel puppy in dog park

The kids having fun at my parent's ‘dog park’.

Inside game of fetch

This game is great for tiring out a Cocker Spaniel puppy when you can't spend an hour outside. Here's how it works: We squeak a squeaky toy until it drives Scooter crazy. Then we throw it to the other end of the apartment. Scooter runs his tail off trying to get to the toy! After about 15-20 throws, Scooter can be found catching some serious ZZZZ's on the couch. This is perfect if you want to eat dinner in peace.

So my advice to you is this: If you live in the city and you want to get an American Cocker Spaniel, only do so if you think you can handle the extra responsiblities. It is hard enough to raise a puppy, add on the difficulties of a city and you may be in big trouble. Luckily for Scooter, we are moving out of the city as soon as Monica and John graduate from School. Then Scooter can have a yard of his own. Until then, we do our best to make the city work for him.